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Books by Dr. Borwankar

Leaves of Life

September 9, 2017

This is the story of a small town girl from Punjab cracking the UPSC exam and battling for survival in a male dominated police department. Could she just survive or did she thrive?


Full of real life interesting anecdotes from her career, Dr. Borwankar wants to share the lessons she learnt with the youth. She wants to flag some action points that would enable the young to steer their lives and careers in the right direction. She believes that she can contribute to enhancing leadership skills of the young and thus took to the pen.


Small, easy to eye chapters make an interesting read and yet you can not miss the point the author is making. This book is an attempt to explore if the lessons she learnt can add value to the lives of others. An interesting collection of quotes and true incidents in the life of an officer of the Indian Police Service, free and frank discussion is sure to enthral young readers.

Available in English, Hindi and Marathi at


   Inspector Chougule

September 22, 2019

Inspector Chougle is the story of a police officer who detects complicated cases of murder, extortion, rape and kidnapping. Living in a world of crime he fights it tooth and nail. He is impatient of the slow tardy pace of criminal justice system and tends to 'over reach' in his enthusiastic search for a just society. 

Meeran Chadha Borwankar an IPS officer, DG (Retd) pens down true tales of crime and its detection through short stories that are concise and gripping. If you want a peep into real time policing, this is the book for you. The role of police Control Room, police drivers and support staff, backbone of the organization, has never been etched so precisely. Each chapter is a true police story told in a simple language with profound undertones. If you are an admirer of uniform, you would love it, if you hate the police, you must read it. Make your choice.

Available in English and Marathi at

    Madam Commissioner
                 15th Oct 2023
Thirty eight interesting stories about crime, corruption, gender and  politics in the criminal justice system.
Life in the police academy with its ri
gorous training regime.
A reality check on what goes on in police and prisons. The role of Forensics in crime investigation with real life cases. Importance of prosecutors in securing justice for victims, cases where they failed and where they succeeded.
Case studies on rape, sex scandal, murder and jewellery shop loot.
Role that citizens can play for ensuring  speedy trials and for creating a fair and just society.
All the above in a racy narrative about true stories
Available at Amazon

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